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Princess Mononoke gets the Movies with Mikey treatment in latest episode

A breakdown of one of Studio Ghibli’s finest

Movies with Mikey’s newest episode is all about Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, and there’s something for both newcomers and diehard fans.

In the latest episode, Borderlands writer and part-time movie critic Mikey Neumann celebrates the best parts of Ghibli’s 1997 classic. The film follows the Emishi prince Ashitaka, who is forced to travel to the Western lands of Nago after a demon attacks his village and leaves him with a fatal wound. While traveling, Ashitaka meets San, who refers to herself as Princess Mononoke. San was raised by wolves and has since become to resent mankind because of it. Their journeys inevitably become intertwined as they race to find a way to defend the forest they’re traveling through, saving Ashitaka in the process.

In the video, Mikey talks about the importance of environments and environmentalism as seen in Princess Mononoke, but also goes over how the film being set in Japan’s Muromachi period influenced the story. It ends with Mikey discussing Ashitaka and San’s self-realization, and the process of learning to cope with the fact they’re not who they thought they were.

Princess Mononoke is one of director Hayao Miyazaki’s earliest films that he created during his time at Studio Ghibli, and one of his most beloved. The movie is currently available to purchase through both digital and physical retailers.

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