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Fire Emblem Heroes update spotlights what makes the game so good

Time to rally for your favorite guy and girl

fire emblem heroes Nintendo via Allegra Frank/Polygon

A new Fire Emblem Heroes event kicked off today, and it’s focused on what’s most endearing about the game: its characters, and especially the most popular ones. For the next week, a voting gauntlet is live in the mobile game, encouraging players to throw their support behind some of the best known Fire Emblem heroes.

The campaign runs until March 13, with special attention paid toward some of Fire Emblem’s most memorable princes and princesses. In the new voting gauntlet feature of Heroes, players can choose a male and female hero to rally behind as they make their way across a bracket.

It’s a popularity battle, essentially, and it seems likely that familiar faces like Chrom and Lucina will take down original characters Sharena and Alfonse with ease. Although the winners may already be obvious, that doesn’t make the five-day event less worthwhile. The voting gauntlet works as a multiplayer, three-on-three battle, with a friend and a fellow army member taking on an opposing hero’s team to rack up points.

After winning the fight, players can vote in the hopes of boosting their favorite character to the ultimate victory. A current promotion awards a new item, Battle Flags, when logging in to give players additional voting opportunities, and these can also be collected through new quests.

The voting gauntlet is complex new mode that shakes up Fire Emblem Heroes’ core mechanics a bit. Ultimately, though, the rewards are the same as always: the in-game currency Orbs, up to 10 of them if the player’s chosen hero amasses 5 billion points overall. With popular characters like Lucina, Elise and Leo now back in the summoning rotation, that’s as good a motivation as any.

Although we really liked Fire Emblem Heroes in its initial release, the fact Nintendo continues to diversify its content is welcome. The voting gauntlet event may only run through early next week, but it’s a sign that the game will continue to put the focus on characters in novel ways.

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