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Fan-made Breath of the Wild interactive map aims to be the game’s own Google Street View (update)

The new Zelda is huge, but this map breaks it down

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Link on horseback in canyon Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda fans are coming together to make Breath of the Wild’s gigantic open world a bit easier to navigate. An impressive, high-resolution map for the new game is now in alpha, and its creators are asking for other players to jump in and collaborate on the massive undertaking.

Fan sites Zelda Universe and Hyrule Legends developed the collaborative Breath of the Wild map, as its owner explained in a Reddit thread about the project.

“This has been a HUGE community project!” user GoldenChaos explained. “Joshua Lindquist and Danilo Passos are the brains, but a lot of Zelda Wiki contributors are helping make [places of interest].”

The interactive map differentiates between these significant locations, like shrines, sidequests and collectibles. It also borrows the look of the game’s own map directly, thanks to some leaked Breath of the Wild disc images. GoldenChaos wrote that the group even has 3D models to use for future versions.

The hope is to eventually transform it into a Google Street View-esque map, which players can scroll through for an even more comprehensive look.

A look at the center of the collaborative Breath of the Wild map.
Zelda Maps

Although it’s only in its first build, the map is already pretty useful. Users can toggle between the different waypoints, and if there’s anything they’ve found in their own games that isn’t reflected on the map, there’s a way to pitch in. The Zelda Universe team has opened up submissions, allowing for anyone to suggest new places of interest to add to the map.

There’s a lot to explore in Breath of the Wild, so expect the map to be filled out over the coming weeks. Polygon’s got its own guide to help players out on their journeys, but this fanmade map is a solid complement thus far. That goes double for anyone with the pretty collector’s edition map, which is a physical bonus item for the limited release.

Update: The map now has an account feature that allows users to submit places of interest without using the Google form. They can check that out on the map’s website.