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No Man’s Sky’s next update is imminent, adds a planetary vehicle

Prepare for the Path Finder Update this week

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update planetary base
The Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky, which Hello Games released in late November.
Hello Games
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The next content update for No Man's Sky, the Path Finder Update, will be released this week, developer Hello Games announced today.

“It introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future,” Hello Games said of Path Finder. No Man’s Sky’s previous content update included files that hinted at an upcoming ground vehicle.

Hello Games did not provide any other information on the contents of Path Finder, but said it will release full patch notes when the update goes live.

This will be the second major post-launch update for No Man’s Sky. The game’s debut on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in August was met with a firestorm of controversy, with players feeling like they had been misled as to the nature of the experience. After fixing some critical issues, Hello Games went dark for months and didn’t resurface until late November, releasing the Foundation Update on Thanksgiving weekend.

The Foundation Update made significant changes to the way No Man’s Sky works, introducing freighters that players could purchase for large sums as well as the ability to build a planetary base and staff it with specialists. The specialists also brought proper quests to the game, giving players objectives on the way to earning upgrades. But the update ended up serving as more of a glimpse of No Man’s Sky’s future rather than delivering an entirely new experience.

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