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Breath of the Wild would be a perfect game if you could just pet the dogs

It could have been an 11 out of 10, Nintendo

breath of the wild dog Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched last week to stellar reviews from critics. Fans continue to praise the game, now that they have their hands on the Switch and it — but some players are lodging a complaint so major, it threatens to ruin the whole experience.

The issue concerns dogs, which Breath of the Wild has in spades. Upon discovering that Link can feed the adorable canines living in this game’s version of Hyrule, many players were ecstatic.

Once a dog is well taken care of, it may even use its developed sense of smell to lead Link to secret treasures. This little interaction elevates a cute feature to a useful one. For dog lovers and Breath of the Wild players, it’s one of the game’s most charming features — and proof that it’s a masterpiece of the genre.

But the flip side is that feeding good pups is as much contact as Link gets with them. There’s no way to pet these friendly puppers that parade around Hyrule. It’s a heartbreaking oversight on Nintendo’s part, according to some vocal Twitter users. So heartbreaking, in fact, that it turns a perfect 10 of a game into a straight loser.

Who knows — maybe Nintendo will heed user Kalekemo’s advice and patch this in with Breath of the Wild’s upcoming downloadable content packs. More likely, though, is that we’ll have to wait until the next Zelda game to maybe get in some heavy petting.