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Arma 3 celebrates four-year anniversary with machinima contest

Highly modified entry Brass takes top honors

Arma 3, the latest entry in the long-running military simulation series from Bohemia Interactive, celebrated its fourth year with a machinima contest. The winner, titled “Brass,” shows off the evolution of the underlying game engine, and the dedication of its modding community.

Arma 3 entered Steam’s Early Access program four years ago. When it finally released, in 2013, it was somewhat incomplete. Since that time, the team behind it has followed on with a series of updates, including last year’s Apex expansion which added new vehicles and a massive new tropical map called Tanoa.

What makes the Arma series so special is the dedicated team of modders that add new forces, new equipment and new feature sets to the game on a daily basis. The game now features Steam Workshop integration, which makes adding new experiences easier than ever.

The winning entry in the latest machinima contest features a bunch of clever upgrades, including what looks to be new and more realistic animation sets from multiple development teams. You can find all of the finalists at Bohemia’s official website.

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