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No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update trailer details PS4 Pro support, base sharing, permadeath mode

The free update is available right now

The No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update is the second major post-launch expansion following the game’s controversial launch.

Since release, the team at Hello Games has been steadily expanding the feature set of No Man’s Sky, and today it has shared the contents of the upcoming Path Finder Update. Notable additions include: PS4 Pro support “optimized for 4K” and with HDR support, planetary vehicles to “aid home planet exploration,” base sharing and Steam Workshop support, permadeath mode and more.

The above video details much of the update’s feature set, and the update’s official website goes into way more detail on everything that’s included. It’s ... a lot. The website has it broken down like this:

  • Visual updates
  • Online base sharing
  • Own multiple ships
  • Starship specializations
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • New vehicles — exocraft
  • Exocraft races
  • New shops and traders
  • Base building variety
  • Multi-tool specialization and classes
  • New weapon modes
  • Permadeath mode
  • Photo mode
  • Discovery menu
  • Music from 65daysofstatic
  • Quality of life improvements

We told you it was a lot. Here’s what one of those exocrafts looks like. This one is called the Roamer:

The Path Finder Update will be the second major post-launch update for No Man’s Sky following the game’s controversial release in August, and the Foundation Update, which was released on Thanksgiving weekend last year. In our extensive impressions on that patch, we wrote that the patch added new features but without clear purpose.

To be clear, the Foundation Update — which, as far as we know, was developed in just three months — does include all kinds of changes and improvements that have a noticeable positive impact on No Man’s Sky. And in fairness to Hello Games, the studio said that the v1.1 patch is named thus because it is “a foundation for things to come,” and will be “the first of many free updates” to the game.

The Path Finder Update — apparently following a similar three-ish month development cycle — looks to iterate on some of what Foundation started, including being able to share the bases that Foundation let you create.

Update: Added information after the Path Finder Update page went live on the No Man’s Sky site, and noting that the patch is available right now. So go get it.