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Quake Champions introduces new champion Nyx

She’s kind of an assassin, we think

Quake Champions begins its first closed beta this weekend, and to kick it off, Bethesda has released a trailer showing off one of the game’s first champions, the agile assassin Nyx.

The reveal trailer demonstrates the new ability-focused, character-oriented direction that developer id Software and its partners at Saber Interactive are taking the series in. Nyx possesses the ability to “Ghost Walk,” vanishing in front of her enemies, avoiding detection and all damage — and reappearing while occupying the same space as an enemy instantly kills them. The Fathom agent also has the passive ability perform a secondary jump off of walls.

As shown in the trailer, the usual Quake tricks are in play, including rocket jumps and power-ups. But in a change for the series, different characters in Quake Champions begin the match with varying amounts of health, armor and speed — all of which should lead to the esports-styled meta shifts that mark modern competitive titles.

Attendees at this week’s PAX East can play Quake Champions there, while everyone else can register for this weekend’s closed beta at the official Quake website. For more on Quake Champions, check out our preview from QuakeCon 2016.