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New Fate of the Furious trailer is the most intense yet

And yes, there will be more skydiving

Fate of the Furious is just over a month away from premiering, and Universal has just released the last trailer.

Like in previous trailers and TV spots, part of the focus in the new trailer is on the family’s reaction to Dom’s relationship with Cipher and their attempt to get him back. Cipher, who is played by Charlize Theron, is one of the new villains the Fast and Furious family will have to contend with. From what we’ve seen, Cipher has manipulated Dom into joining her side and going against his family. Although the reason is still unknown, it was confirmed that Cipher met up with Dom in Cuba, during his honeymoon with Letty.

Quite a bit about the movie has already been released thanks to interviews with different actors, but the question over whether or not adversary Owen Shaw will return is still up in the air. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Luke Evans, whi plays Owen, confirmed Helen Mirren would play the boys’ mother. There is a chance, Evans said, that Owen could wake up from his coma and the family of villains would be reunited on screen, posing a new threat to Dom and his crew.

The Fate of the Furious, which marks the second in the franchise without the late Paul Walker, will be released on April 14.