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DC’s Extended Universe will rely heavily on flashbacks, flash-forwards in future movies

It will all make sense ... hopefully

Warner Bros.

DC’s Extended Universe will rely on flashbacks and flash-forwards to interweave individual superhero stories following Justice League.

Wonder Woman producer Charles Roven spoke about the upcoming film and the direction DC and Warner Bros. were headed in regarding the cinematic universe. In an attempt to keep the stories regarding Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg linear, there will be quite a bit of time jumping to ensure the stories make sense.

“For example, the Justice League movie will take place in a universe that’s post-Batman v Superman, just like Batman v Superman takes place in a universe that’s post-Man of Steel,” Roven said. “When we’re dealing with either The Flash or Aquaman, since they will take place in a universe that has happened after Justice League, the characters and the world will be informed by the movies that preceded them, except that there’s flashbacks or whatever within those particular movies, [and] flashforwards within those particular movies.”

It’s not like flashbacks and flash-forwards are new to the DC Extended Universe. There were a couple of flashbacks in Batman v Superman. The difference, according to Rover, is how the flashbacks are used to tie the characters’ stories into the greater picture. This won’t just be the Flash recalling a time in his childhood. Instead, the Flash will remember his time with the Justice League and that will influence the rest of his narrative in the stand-alone feature.

It remains unclear just how much Justice League will influence The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, but all three characters will make their feature-length debut in Justice League this year.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17. If you can’t wait until then for more DC superhero cinema, Wonder Woman will be released June 2.

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