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Breath of the Wild players get creative with fast travel

Go try this immediately

breath of the wild Nintendo via YouTube

We’re already starting to see some impressive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedruns. A tweet from one player shows that the best is still to come, though, if this amazing travel trick is anything to go off.

Venick409, a prolific member of the speedrunning community, shared a clip of Link using one of his special powers to fast travel. It’s not just a really clever idea, but it’s also stunning to watch it in action.

Here’s the breakdown: Link uses the stasis rune to stop time on a gigantic boulder. After hitting it once to give it some momentum, he stops time on it again — then proceeds to charge up with a hammer, striking the boulder a couple of times before hopping onto it. Once the clock runs out on the stasis power, the boulder goes flying, and it takes Link along for the ride.

The whole process takes 30 seconds, and it definitely comes with a catch or two. For one, the player needs to actually find a boulder big enough to support this trick. Sending it in a particular direction also looks like it could be a bit of a crapshoot.

Still, Venick409’s caption is astute: We’d expect to see this and similar innovations on fast travel appear in Breath of the Wild speedruns to come. We’ve already seen other players try out this method as early as July 2016, as seen in this video from YouTube user Hellfire:

The full-game speedruns proliferating on Twitch and YouTube are already fun to watch and shockingly short — Venick’s got a run that’s just one hour, five minutes long. Check that out below to see the creative Zelda player himself in action.