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Steven Universe is coming to consoles with original RPG

Help Steven learn to be strong in the real way

Grumpyface Studios/Cartoon Network Studios

For the first time ever, a game based on Steven Universe is heading to consoles. Steven Universe: Save the Light will launch this summer, Cartoon Network announced.

The game is in development at Grumpyface Studios, and it’s set to please both diehard viewers of the moving, very musical cartoon and newcomers. Save the Light is a sequel to 2015’s Attack the Light, an action role-playing game which was well-received, even by non-fans.

Save the Light will also feature an original story from the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar. Steven and his fellow Crystal Gems are tasked with retrieving a seriously powerful magical weapon when it’s stolen from Beach City, and the only way to do that is to ... engage in tons of role-playing game-style battles, naturally. The console RPG will feature a mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay, with plenty of party customization and puzzle-solving too.

There’s no release date beyond the summer window, but console owners can look forward to learning more about the very cute, very stylish game at PAX East this weekend. Check out some screens below, and crank up the Steven Universe jams while you scroll through.

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