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New Overwatch skins leak ahead of Tuesday event

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

overwatch Blizzard Entertainment

An image said to be taken from the Xbox Live Marketplace shows a new set of skins for several Overwatch heroes.

Two different shots of the skins spread across Reddit this weekend, with most players assuming them to be a tease for the game’s upcoming event. Blizzard Entertainment teased last week that something major would be happening in Overwatch on April 11, explaining the timing of the leak.

The studio hinted that the event would have something to do with the King’s Row Uprising, an event familiar to anyone who closely follows the game’s back story. A comic about the event released shortly after the teaser gave them more reason to believe that’s the case.

The comic goes heavy on the Overwatch lore. It takes place seven years before the game begins, with characters like Tracer, Reinhardt and Mercy all making starring turns as they prepare for the story-defining Uprising event.

The leaked skins look much like the uniforms that these and other Overwatch heroes wear in the “Uprising” comic. Based on the images seen on Reddit, they’re a subtle look, but new skins are new skins, right? Plus, Jeff Kaplan promised that we’ll be getting something special for Widowmaker, too, so there are more where these came from.

We’ve asked Blizzard to confirm these skins, but we’d bet on finding out the answer sometime tomorrow, April 11. That’s when whatever this event is will kick off.

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