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Square Enix is selling a PS4 and 3DS game in one big box

Dragon Quest 11 brings Nintendo and PlayStation together

Rare is the game that comes to both a handheld and a home console — Nintendo Switch games notwithstanding. But Dragon Quest 11, out on July 29 in Japan, is one of those rare games. Not only will it launch on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, but Square Enix is making it so that fans of the series don’t even have to choose which version to buy on launch day.

A bundle that includes the PS4 and 3DS editions of Dragon Quest 11 will be exclusively sold at just a handful of retailers in Japan. Retailing for around $135, it’s more than just a discount on buying the two games separately. Included in the “Double Pack Hero’s Sword Box” are some fancy-looking fake books in which the game cases live. Both of those books live inside one big, long box.

What’s interesting is that between the two consoles, there are three visual styles for Dragon Quest 11 for players to check out: a high-resolution, fully 3D game on PS4; a much lower-rez 3D version for 3DS; and a version that uses some throwback pixelated graphics, also on 3DS. The trailer above shows off the similarities and differences.

Anyone who wants to play Dragon Quest 11 at home and on the go should probably pick up that gigantic, limited edition box set. There’s also the promise of a Nintendo Switch version coming ... eventually. Square Enix has yet to say when. A Western release date for any platform has yet to be announced.

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