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Overwatch fan theory about Pharah’s dad has been debunked

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Pharah’s got a daddy — just not the one you hoped for

overwatch Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new “Uprising” event is full of backstory. Some of those story details are obvious — the whole campaign is based on one of the game’s major, lore-defining events — but the most interesting ones seem to be hiding in loot boxes.

Just like Widowmaker, Pharah and Ana get a huge piece of character development from one of the event’s new sprays. The mother-daughter pair are the focus of this adorable portrait:

It’s cute to see tiny baby Pharah cradled in her mother’s arm, but that’s not what makes this a big deal. What matters is that the man whose finger Pharah is grabbing is almost definitely her dad.

We don’t know much more than that; it’s not clear who this guy is, nor do we know his name or what happened to him. For a certain kind of Overwatch fan, seeing him with the young Ana and baby Pharah is enough to close the chapter on a book that’s driven them wild for months.

Fans have long speculated on who Pharah’s father could be. It’s always come back to three possible bachelors: Reinhardt, Soldier: 76 and McCree. Of the trio, it’s Ana and Reinhardt that fans thought would be the most likely pairing because of what looked like Blizzard Entertainment’s relentless teasing.

This particular theory ramped up last November, when a fan noticed that Ana, Pharah and Reinhardt have complementary rare skins. Pharah and Reinhardt later got matching sprays around the holidays. That season also saw the release of a holiday-themed comic that threatened to put an end to the Ana, Pharah and Reinhardt family tree idea, although Blizzard never confirmed whether the slight, graying man Pharah was seen with in the story was her father or her boyfriend.

It now seems likely that that man was her father after all. Gone is his long black hair, but that aside, he sure seems to fit the bill from the back:

Looks like Pharah spent Christmas with her old man. Blizzard Entertainment

Chalk this little spray reveal up to a win for Overwatch’s deepening lore — even if it’s a loss for the fans who really, really liked the idea of Ana and Reinhardt falling in love. But even if Reinhardt isn’t Pharah’s father, this doesn’t mean that he and Ana couldn’t still have had a thing back in the day. Stay hopeful, Overwatch shippers.

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