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Watch us beat up so many dudes in Yakuza 0

A whole bunch of punching and the game’s first boss fight

Yakuza 0 is a very story-heavy game, a fact that is pretty obvious if you’ve watched any of the previous episodes of Yakuza 0 to 60, Polygon’s series where we’re playing through the game and having a blast with it. If all that plot brings you down, we’ve got something special for you this week: an episode with very little talking and a whole lot of punching.

In these week’s episode of Yakuza 0 to 60, we get into all sorts of fights against all sorts of dudes. There’s swinging a table and a huge urn at random gangsters. There’s a bigger guy who fights us with a chair. There’s even a nigh unkillable Yakuza captain whose head we smash into a urinal.

All of the action comes to a head with the game’s first boss battle, which we handle in our usual manner: by swinging at air.

Check out the full episode above, or catch up on the full Yakuza 0 to 60 archives in the playlist below.

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