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Overwatch fans want update to an old Reaper skin after hearing his human voice

Get rid of that weird voice for Blackwatch Reyes, please

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new “Uprising” event introduces us to Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes’ original voice, which is huge for anyone who’s been playing as the character since launch. But now that we know how Reaper sounded when he was a normal human — as opposed to the genetically altered being he is outside of the Uprising campaign — some fans insist that it’s time for Reaper’s classic human skin to match it.

The Blackwatch Reyes skin has been available since the game launched. It lets us play as a Reaper from before the event that ravaged his entire body, back when he was known just as Gabriel Reyes. It must be said that Gabriel Reyes was a real fine dude, back in the day.

Damn, Gabriel.
Blizzard Entertainment via Wikia

The Blackwatch Reyes skin is a popular choice with players, obviously. The problem is that his voice is radically different than how he looks, because Blackwatch Reyes still has the same digitally manipulated, high-pitched voice that Reaper has.

For reference, take a listen to the Reyes lines, heard throughout the Uprising event:

And this is what Reaper sounds like:

Whether you find Reyes’ voice suitably sexy, it’s a whole lot better than Reaper’s quote-unquote edgy tone. Is it too much to ask Blizzard Entertainment to patch Overwatch so that we can listen to Reyes’ voice coming out of Reyes’ face?

Blizzard has yet to respond to repeated pleas:


Uprising runs until May 2, so at least we have a few more weeks to listen to Reyes sound like just another average dude.

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