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Hey! Pikmin for 3DS is coming this July

It’s a 2D side-scrolling game

Hey! Pikmin Nintendo

Olimar and his Pikmin pals are finally getting a release date for their first side-scrolling adventure, and it’s July 28.

We first saw a glimpse of Hey! Pikmin game during the Sept. 2016 Nintendo Direct. At the time, the game didn’t have an official title, but Nintendo’s Bill Trinen described the game as “designed with action in mind.”

Hey! Pikmin lets players use the 3DS touchscreen to control their Pikmin, sending them to fight or move obstacles, much like the previous games. This 2D view seems to offer unique gameplay opportunities: we saw Pikmin plummeting down holes and battling monsters in new ways.

There will also be a special Pikmin amiibo to coincide with the game’s release, though there wasn’t much information about its functionality.

We haven’t had a Pikmin title since Pikmin 3’s 2013 Wii U entry, and the series has always stuck to the top-down formula. While we only saw 45 seconds or so of gameplay during April’s Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo will likely offer hands-on opportunities for Hey! Pikmin at E3 in June.

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