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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con gets new color, battery pack this summer

Just in time for Arms to launch


A new color of Joy-Con controller is heading to stores in June, right alongside an accessory to extend its battery life. Nintendo will start selling the Joy-Con in Neon Yellow, which players can grab a pair of starting on June 16.

That same day, Nintendo Switch owners can grab a battery pack. Sold in a set of two, one for each Joy-Con controller, the accessory is meant to give the Joy-Con an extra boost of power. The battery pack runs on double-A batteries; Nintendo didn’t say how much extra battery life users can expect when using the accessory.

The battery pack.

The Joy-Con controllers currently last for around 20 hours, which is a fairly long time. There are also a handful of ways to charge the controllers when not connected to a docked console, including using the $30 charging grip.

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