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The final Super Smash Bros. amiibo are out in July

Get yourself those Bayonetta and Cloud figures

Super Smash Bros. amiibo - Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta Nintendo of America/Twitter

There very last wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo have been dated, months after they were first revealed. Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin make up the last set of figures based on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., and they hit retail on July 21.

To make up for the long wait, we’re getting double the amount of amiibo than we expected. There are two versions of both Cloud and Bayonetta, as well as male and female Corrin amiibo included in the selection.

The official Super Smash Bros. Twitter account uploaded some super sleek photos of the amiibo following the Nintendo Direct presentation where the company gave their release dates. Check out how nice this Bayonetta amiibo looks:

All three have been available in Super Smash Bros. as downloadable fighters for more than a year; Nintendo released the last of the three, Bayonetta, back in February 2016. For anyone wondering where her amiibo in particular has been for the past 14 months, now we know that the wait is almost over — it’s just another three months until we can add Cloud and Bayonetta to our figure collections.