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Tokyo Ghoul teases fan favorites in first trailer for live-action movie

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It’s the season of live-action adaptations

Tokyo Ghoul has become one of the most popular and beloved anime franchises since the manga launched in 2011, and now six years later, it’s finally getting a live-action adaptation.

The first 30-second teaser for the movie doesn’t give too much away, but fans of the series will be happy to note that it appears director Kentarô Hagiwara is sticking pretty closely to the source material. The appearance of Ken Kaneki, the hybrid ghoul renowned for his incredible powers, at the end is just enough to get the hype train going.

Tokyo Ghoul follows a group of flesh-eating individuals who live among regular residents in Japan. When high school student Kaneki gets attacked by a ghoul, he must learn to live as a half-human/half-hybrid being. Like other anime series that focus on characters trying to live with secret identities amongst normal citizens, much of Tokyo Ghoul focuses on the angst Kaneki has to deal with.

Although this is the first Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie, this is in no way the first series or film inspired by the manga. There have been a number of video game adaptations for various consoles and an anime series based on the manga. Fans have been anxiously awaiting Tokyo Ghoul’s third season, but it was recently delayed again with no word on when it will be released.

The Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie will be released in Japan on July 29. There is currently no plans to bring it to theaters in North America.

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