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This Nintendo Switch game makes some ... creative use of HD rumble

An in-depth look at what the “Joy” in Joy-Con stands for

If you’ve ever used a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller, you’ve probably been surprised by just how complex its rumble feature is. The high-definition rumble is so dynamic that it’s used to approximate the feeling of individual marbles in your hand in a 1-2-Switch minigame.

Leave it to Senran Kagura Refure, a merely beautiful babe-filled action game heading to Nintendo Switch, to really put HD rumble to the test. The Japanese version of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation spent ample time breaking down how the Joy-Con’s coolest feature makes this the most advanced installment of the Senran Kagura series yet.

There’s a very particular feeling that director Kenichiro Takaki was chasing for his Switch eShop-exclusive game, which launches in Japan later this year. To achieve it, he and his team conducted several tests with a Joy-Con in one hand, silicone in another.

The video above shows another dramatic experiment, this time with an extremely jiggly flan (skip to the 35 second-mark).

Hey, man: Nintendo went all-in on promoting the HD rumble feature when it introduced us to the Joy-Con controller in January. We shouldn’t be surprised that it only took three short months for a developer to start using it for the purposes of recreating some (unrealistic, fantastical) second base sensations. It may be weird to see this on a Nintendo Direct, of all things, and we can’t say we’re looking forward to Senran Kagura Refure’s Western release because of it — not that one has been confirmed — but we’re not at all surprised.

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