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There is ‘no truth’ in the Star Wars universe, according to Story Group

Everything can be changed if they so wish

One of the advantages to having complete control over the continuity and canon of the Star Wars universe is being able to add or retract a universal fact to fit inline with a new story.

The disadvantage to this, however, is that there is “no truth” in the Star Wars universe because of how easy it is to change information, according to Lucasfilm’s Leeland Chee. Chee is one of three core members that belong to Lucasfilm’s story group, a select number of writers in charge of maintaining Star Wars’ continuity in every movie, game, book or other piece of media that relates to the Star Wars universe.

While appearing on The Star Wars Show at Star Wars Celebration, Chee said that it’s difficult to establish a canonical truth in the Star Wars universe because of how often things change.

“There’s no such thing as truth,” Chee said. “Things that we assumed as truth, like 4-LOM is a bounty hunter that’s not a robot all of sudden changes.

“Anything is malleable.”

Matt Martin, another member of the story group, said that it makes writing a little more difficult when things in the Star Wars universe change as often as they do. That’s not even taking into account how important intricate details are. Information that they thought they knew turns out to be different, leading to a heap of research for any new development.

“Even when I’m dead sure of something, I still look it up like three times before I ever answer anything,” Martin said.

Still, there are a couple of universal truths that everyone can agree on. Han shooting first, for example, seems like one sticking point that no one’s trying to argue.

Star Wars Celebration will continue throughout the entire weekend. Polygon will have ongoing coverage of all the biggest panels and events.

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