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Hearthstone fan game imagines new classes, 300+ fresh cards

You can finally play cards as a death knight, monk or demon hunter


Hearthstone players have long speculated about if or when Blizzard might add new classes to the game, expanding on the group of nine that have been around since launch. While those nine classics — including paladin, priest, warlock and more — represent the nine original classes from World of Warcraft, the MMO that Hearthstone is based on, WoW has added several more classes in the dozen-plus years since its beginning.

Not satisfied with continuing to wait, one team of fans has taken it upon themselves to create new classes in Hearthstone by way of an ambitious fan game. Titled HSMod, the fan game was built in Unity but does a surprisingly solid job of emulating the style and feel of the real Hearthstone user interface.

HSMod doesn’t include any actual Hearthstone cards. Instead, the team has put together a massive of set of more than 300 original cards, with three distinct classes: death knight, demon hunter and monk. The cards include a number of mechanics that have never been seen in Hearthstone, and it turns some common mechanics into keywords. For example, the frequently used “this minion cannot be targeted by spells or hero powers” is the keyword “spellshield.”

Though they’re all cool in their own way, the death knight is perhaps the most notable of HSMod’s additions. It casts players as Arthas Menethil, a.k.a. the Lich King, one of Warcraft’s most popular villains and a character that, against all odds, has yet to be seen at all in Hearthstone proper.

HSMod isn’t just one fan either. In the video below, HSMod’s lead card designer “Oxy” explains that there’s a whole team of nine developers working the fan game, including artists, programmers and designers. Oxy himself creates many of the cards and balances them.

Two more classes are planned for HSMod. Right now you can only play decks versus computer-controlled opponents, but a multiplayer mode is also on the way.

In a post on the Hearthstone subreddit, another HSMod developer said that the team believes Blizzard is comfortable with the project.

“Blizzard has known that we exist for a long time now,” the post reads. “As long as the project doesn’t receive any finance from the playerbase, we will not get a cease and desist.”

Many of the other commenters are Reddit disagree, however, and have expressed concern (or certainty) that Blizzard will attempt to shut down this project. For now, at least, it remains available to download, and it’s worth giving a try. It’s not as polished as the real game, but it has some very cool ideas.

For those who would prefer to stick to regular Hearthstone, Blizzard launched the latest expansion for its digital card game last week: Journey to Un’Goro. The new expansion adds 135 new cards, and while it’s been fun playing around with the additions, some players have expressed concern about the rising cost to keep up with the game.

You can watch us open more than 120 Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro packs in the video below.

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