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Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s new character, Rose, is already a fan favorite

We just wanna hug her

star wars the last jedi Lucasfilm via YouTube

The Star Wars universe expanded today with the introduction of Rose, a member of the Resistance who will make her debut in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Actress Kelly Marie Tran joined the rest of the eighth Star Wars episode’s cast on stage during a discussion of the film at Star Wars Celebration, and it took approximately .0001 seconds for fans to fall in love.

With an intro from director Rian Johnson highlighting the actress’ diminutive stature, Tran teetered onto stage with a huge grin. She’s an unknown by most measures; her biggest credits prior to Star Wars are with CollegeHumor and on the canceled NBC comedy About a Boy. But fans proved they’re nothing if not welcoming, sounding off on Twitter about how excited they are to see more of the character.

All we’ve seen thus far of Rose is the one picture shown during the panel. She’s a “Resistance worker,” but that’s about all we know. What we really want to know more than anything else is this: What’s her full name? Rey is one of the only other characters going by a mononym in the series these days, so forgive us for thinking that leaving Rose’s last name out of there is a tease. (We’re wondering if it will be more Star Wars-style outlandish, considering her very common first name.)

She’s also of Asian descent — at least, her actress is, making her the first highly visible Asian woman in the Star Wars films, which have done a wonderful job with diversifying their casts. Last year’s Rogue One improved upon The Force Awakens’ impressive strides. It’s nice to see that wider representation remains on Lucasfilm’s mind with the upcoming eighth installment.

Viewers are responding positively to that part as well:

The Last Jedi is in theaters Dec. 15, 2017. We’re hoping learn at least a bit more about the adorable Rose before then.

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