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Watch a Furby get crushed, and bleed as it dies


Listen, I don’t want to get into the habit of posting videos whenever anyone finds anything novel to crush in an hydraulic press. The gimmick has been done to death, and much of the low-hanging fruit has already been found, plucked and then crushed.

But the latest video of a crushed Furby is a horrific mixture of satisfying and absolutely terrifying. The way the beak turns up and squirts out at the last moment. The jerky crunches as it seems to be compacted in short waves. It’s hard to tear your eyes away.

But the real terror happens at the very end, where you’ll notice a single, nightmarish detail. Furby bleeds. And its blood is as black as its heart. Wait until the very end to see what it looks like when all hope dies.

It’s that final black spurt that ends with a dejected drip that really caps the whole thing off. Furby was always terrifying, but it turns out its death is much scarier than its life.

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