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Samurai Jack has one of its most powerful episodes yet as an old friend joins the season

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No, not that one.

Adult Swim

Samurai Jack is getting deeper into the fifth season, and more characters are beginning to enter the fold, but the most recent has been one people have been waiting years for.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Samurai Jack’s fifth season.]

It’s becoming more apparent that Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovksi is setting the stage for a final showdown between Jack and his number one nemesis, Aku. In this episode, we get the return of the Scotsman, who grew to respect and support Jack after a battle that lasted days. The last time we saw the Scotsman, he was trying to help recover Jack’s memories in a two-part episode that ended with the Scotsman having to save Jack from the grip of three powerful sirens.

In the new season, we find the Scotsman riding into battle with with Aku himself, just as weak as when we last saw him, while Jack and Ashi try to save a group of enslaved children from the monstrous grips of the Mega-Robot. Although Jack and Ashi’s storyline is important — and will further those who began shipping the characters last week — the most exciting moment remains with the Scotsman.

As the episode goes on, it’s clear that this isn’t a version of the Scotsman we remember. For one thing, he’s now a ghost of sorts. During their battle, Aku manages to essentially vaporize the Scotsman, but that’s not the end of our beloved character’s story. In typical Samurai Jack fashion, a couple of artsy camera pans down to the Scotsman’s shatter sword are used to reveal that he’s been killed in battle. For fans who have been waiting for the Scotsman to return, the emotional devastation of what has occurred changes pace in a few seconds. The Scotsman makes his brilliant return, resurrecting himself through the power of “Celtic Magic,” as one often and naturally does.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the Scotsman to appear and the way Tartakovksy teased a possible reunion with Jack has never been more appropriate for the show. It was a big moment and a roller-coaster of emotion in such a short amount of time, and can be seen in full below.

As one fan on Reddit wrote, the Scotsman will haunt as he lived, “relentlessly sassing” those who oppose him. Another pointed out that, like many other viewers, those few seconds between the Scotsman’s death and his resurrection as a ghost were some of the most intense, emotional moments they’ve ever experienced as a fan of Samurai Jack.

“So many emotions in so few seconds,” they wrote, summing it up best.

Samurai Jack will return for its sixth episode this season Saturday at 11 p.m. ET on Adult Swim. Fingers crossed that Jack and the Scotsman may someday meet again.

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