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In Breath of the Wild, Guardians make pretty great weapons

Proof that this Zelda game is one of the year’s best in just one .gif

Nintendo via Twitter

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to astound us on a daily basis. Tristan Cooper of Dorkly’s Twitter feed has constant proof of how freaking cool this open-world adventure game can get, and this tweet from over the weekend is the latest amazing example:

This may be the apex of Breath of the Wild trickery. Cooper somehow pushed one of those massive Guardian enemies, some of the most volatile in the game, way into Gerudo Desert so that it could battle a Molduga. These giant sandworm mini-bosses are similarly among the toughest monsters to fight in the game — comparable to the Lynel beasts — and watching these two go at it is mesmerizing.

Spoiler: The Guardian doesn’t go on to win. It does put up an impressive fight, though; the Molduga rampages through it repeatedly, but the Guardian uses its laser to take out a chunk of its hit points.

Speaking of the laser, Cooper said that he had to spend a ton of time avoiding that loose cannon while transporting the Guardian to the desert. For those hoping to replicate his themselves, he gave some tips on how to make Guardians into Link’s biggest, deadliest weapon.

“To those asking how I did this: Grab a metal door, lug it South of Wasteland Tower, de-leg a Guardian and push it with the door,” he wrote.

Expect to dodge lasers fairly often, too.

“You can block the laser with the door, or just tip the Guardian on its side and push it from there,” according to Cooper.

We’ll definitely be trying this, among all the other cool moves that Breath of the Wild players have come up with.

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