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The most joyful thing on YouTube right now is Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

How about 50,000 duck-sized horses?

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
Brilliant Game Studios

The world we live in feels, very suddenly, like an uncertain place. Now, just when we needed it most, one game has arrived on Steam to help us put away our worries and our cares. That game is called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, and it is all the rage on YouTube.

UEBS launched into Steam’s Early Access program on April 12 and took off like a rocket. It’s already ranked number six on Steam’s best-sellers list and, as of three days ago, Steam Spy says the game has more than 11 million views on YouTube.

Toss it into the search field on YouTube, and UEBS may just bring some joy to your day.

The goal of the game is pretty pretty simple. Take a huge number of AI-controlled units — tens of thousands of them on each side — and smash them together at the place and time of your choosing. The game comes with dozens of units, from World War II soldiers to Saruman’s Orcs, all of which are highly customizable. Pick from a couple of maps, line up your forces and send them into battle.

There are even hero units, like powerful “golden knights” and Chuck Norris. And I’m here to tell you, this games’ Norris is incredibly accurate.

Have you ever wanted to know how a company of automatic rifleman would fare against 50,000 undead?

What do historians mean when they say that “flights of arrows blotted out the sun?”

Have you ever lay awake at night and wondered what it would be like for all the armies of mankind to do battle against a mega turtle?

Well now you know.

The tech inside this game is actually pretty impressive. The scale of the battles seems to only be limited by your imagination and the power of your gaming PC. List price is $15.99, but you can get 10 percent off right now.

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