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Tom & Jerry continue to decimate cinema with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie

But why?

Tom & Jerry have been ruining movies for the past 16 years, providing their own feline and rodent takes on beloved movie franchises, and now they’re going to do it again with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The first trailer for the film was released today and it’s already got a few people asking what, exactly, it is and why it exists. The movie still focuses on Charlie Bucket, the young child who manages to win his way into a fortuitous visit to the famous Wonka Chocolate Factory. Unlike a straight adaptation, however, certain characters in the film — like the Oompa Loompas who help Willy Wonka run the factory — have been replaced with mice.

As for Tom and Jerry themselves, it looks like the cat and mouse will show up at random moments and insert themselves into the classic story. Unlike other movies Tom and Jerry have starred in, Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka will stick closer to the original story.

In 2005, Tom and Jerry starred in a film based on Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise. The film, The Fast and the Furry, followed the characters as they raced around the world, adapting the plot from the 1968 television series Wacky Racers. The film caught the attention of a few Fast and Furious fans, and contrary to what people might expect from a movie called The Fast and the Furry, the movie debuted to decent reviews, with one critic calling it a “zany spoof of reality TV with lots of cartoon action.”

Although the movie is in no way a Fast and Furious movie, it did do a pretty good job of predicting an important scene in the most recent Fate of the Furious.

Over the years, Tom and Jerry have tackled a number of celebrated books and movies. The Wizard of Oz, The Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood have all received the adaptation treatment. Despite the acknowledgeable group of fans Tom and Jerry have amassed over the years, the latest adaptation has caught the attention of people who have admitted they wouldn’t normally pay attention to the series.

Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka won’t get a theatrical release, but the movie will be available to watch later this year on digital HD and DVD, just in case you want to add it your collection, slotting it right between The Fast and the Furry and Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers.

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