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Mario Kart fans use National Haiku Day to air their blue shell grievances

Oh great, I’m in first / Uh oh, here comes a blue shell

Nintendo NY on Twitter

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out later this month, but Nintendo NY is already in full-swing promoting the game. The retailer encouraged its Twitter followers to contribute their best Mario Kart-themed poetry yesterday, in honor of both the upcoming game and National Haiku Day — and fans were quick to prove exactly what comes to mind when they think of the series.

The blue shell is perhaps the Mario series’ most diabolical item, so of course it became a popular topic for the budding poets in Nintendo NY’s Twitter feed. We’ve all been there: You’re speeding along your favorite Mario Kart track (Baby Park from Mario Kart Double Dash!!), holding a comfortable first-place lead into the final lap. Then, all of a sudden ... you’re out. A shell has knocked you straight into oblivion, and it’s not some ordinary red or green shell. It’s that damn blue shell, a spiky demon with wings that closes in on whoever’s winning the race without fail.

The blue shell is a terrible, terrible thing. As any fiction writer knows, it’s the things that hurt us the most that inspire the best art.

Nintendo NY went on to retweet its favorite original haiku, although, curiously, none of its picks had anything to do with the damned blue shell. True Mario Kart fans know what’s up, though. They know.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes to Nintendo Switch on April 28.

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