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Watch Breath of the Wild’s first 100 percent speedrun

If you’ve got 50 hours free, that is

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Link looking out at Hyrule Nintendo via Polygon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s speedrunning scene posts new world records every day, but it wasn’t until now that a player managed the game’s first completed 100 percent speedrun.

French player Xalikah streamed his 49-hour playthrough on Twitch earlier this week. You can watch the first part below; it starts around the 12-minute mark and contains the first 47 hours. The remaining two hours, nine minutes can be found on his Twitch channel.

Over the course of the speedrun, he managed to meet all of the requirements of a 100 percent perfect playthrough, including:

  • Beating all 120 shinres
  • Collecting all heart and stamina upgrades
  • Finishing every main quest, shrine quest and sidequest
  • Completing the entire map and compendium
  • Collecting every key item
  • Upgrading all runes and armor

Anyone who’s roamed the expansive world of Breath of the Wild knows that doing even one of these would take a long, long time when playing the game the normal way. Perhaps that’s why it’s taken more than a month since the game launched for anyone to successfully attempt a complete speedrun.

Word of warning: Yes, this is a 50-hour experience, so make sure you have time carved out to watch it. Also, Xalikah is a Frenchman, so his commentary won’t do much for non-speakers. A great run is a great run, though, language barriers notwithstanding.

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