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GIF of Zack Snyder pretending to snap a neck is from a four-year-old video

Imagine if this came out before Man of Steel?

A GIF from the Blu-ray for Man of Steel, which included a behind-the-scenes featurette starring director Zack Snyder demonstrating how to snap a man’s neck in front of actors Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon, has found its way back to the forefront of the internet.

The question is, however, why now?

The GIF, which can be seen below, and was uploaded to a DC Extended Universe-dedicated subreddit a couple of days ago by user Pulazthl. In their original Reddit post, Pulazthl said they made the GIF after stumbling across the featurette, called “Kal-El vs Zod.” The featurette, which is from Journey of Discovery: Creating Man of Steel, focuses on the famous, climactic ending to the film that fans will immediately recognize, but that’s not what has caught the attention of jokesters everywhere. After making the GIF and uploading it to Reddit, Pulazthl said part of the reason they did it was because of the “shit storm” it was going to cause Snyder after people started sharing it.

“I made the gif few minutes ago after watching it,” Pulazthl wrote. “Seriously though couldn't stop laughing at it because you know about the shit storm that's gonna hit Snyder after this.”

The post, which currently has just under 1,000 impressions and just over 100 comments, isn’t one of Reddit’s top stories. It’s not on the front page, and although there is some crossover between the DC Extended Universe subreddit and others dedicated to comics, this isn’t a wildly successful Reddit post.

Once again, the question remains: Why this a thing now?

If anything, the video should have made a bit more noise last month when the featurette in question was uploaded to YouTube again. It didn’t get shared around too much, however, based on digging into sites like Twitter and Reddit where these types of videos tend to gestate.

Although it wasn’t shared around too much on the site it originated on, various Twitter users also picked up the GIF recently and started tweeting it. One Twitter use asked his followers to make a meme out of it, resulting in some pretty interesting and savage takes.

Taking the challenge Raphael threw out, multiple Twitter users started captioning the GIF or adding to it.

The GIF is picking up steam on Twitter as more attention is brought to it, and based on the reaction to Raphael’s tweet, the chance of this turning into a meme becomes more likely the bigger it grows.

Snyder, who has caught a lot of flack for his installments in the DCEU over the years, hasn’t said anything about the GIF or the video at this time. Although, there probably isn’t much reason to do so considering it is from four years ago.

Snyder’s next project, Justice League, will be released on Nov. 17. It’s unclear how much neck snapping will appear in the film.

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