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This Kirby lingerie line transforms ladies into the pink puff ball himself

Ain’t that a look?

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

From the designers of the Pokémon lingerie collection comes one inspired by Kirby, a decidedly unsexy Nintendo mascot. Peach John collaborated with Nintendo to celebrate Kirby’s 25th birthday this year, with various girly things going on sale in Japan later this month.

Among the lineup are some extremely cute pajamas, which have the word Kirby written on them in Japanese. We wouldn’t necessarily pair the pajamas with this translucent Kirby backpack, but at the same time, if we owned one, we’d probably wear it with everything possible:

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

Okay, these Kirby panties (that’s the official name, sorry!) are pretty dang precious from the back:

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

There’s also this chic Kirby bustier set, which we are super, super into:

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

This Kirby sleep mask is making a curious expression — maybe Kirby looked into the abyss that is turning 25 and didn’t quite like what he saw:

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

But this ... this is where we draw the line. Peach John calls this particular piece a “mini one-pi,” and we are really struggling to see a need for it in anyone’s closet:

Yummy Mart via Kai-You

This unflattering sack turns wearers into a Kirby, for all intents and purposes. It’s not a great look, fam. Not a great look at all. Sometimes, you just gotta listen when someone tells you “no” — and it looks like Peach John didn’t listen this time.

All judgments aside, if you’re in Japan and have access to a Yummy Mart, you can pick up any of these looks starting April 26. (And if you happen to grab a spare bustier set, size medium ... hit a girl up.)

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