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The Mummy awakens in new trailer for Universal’s monster movie

The first installment in Universal’s Monster Universe

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for The Mummy, and this time, it’s definitely not missing any of its sound effects.

The first Mummy trailer garnered quite a bit of attention after Universal accidentally released it without sound. The flubbed video made its way around Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube for close to a week before Universal finally took it down.

The new trailer not only has sound effects, but also a new, female mummy.

The new trailer provides the best look yet at the reimagined monster. The mummy is played by Sofia Boutella, who will star opposite Tom Cruise. Cruise is taking on the role of esteemed archaeologist Nick Morton, who’s forced into the mummy-capturing and killing trade after she awakens from her sleep.

The Mummy is supposed to be the first movie in the Universal Monsters shared universe, and will be followed by reboots of The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man among others.

The Mummy will be released on June 9.