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Here are all the canceled Star Wars video games

Remember Battle of the Sith Lords?

The list of canceled Star Wars video games is a lot longer than just the lamented Battlefront 3, which was absurdly sunk by LucasArts and never materialized.

This video from GVMERS on YouTube covers all of the abandoned Star Wars video game properties, beginning with a hideously unplayable Return of the Jedi adaptation for Atari 2600 and moving through “Proteus,” the shadowy, console-based MMO that was shitcanned within six months of development. Lo and behold, that was canceled in favor of Knights of the Old Republic 3, which also was canceled and wrapped into what is now Star Wars: The Old Republic.

There’s also the sequel to Republic Commando (solemnly salutes) and Battle of the Sith Lords and Star Wars: 1313 — incidentally, this video is 13 minutes and 13 seconds long.

At the end, one is left with the realization that more video games about Star Wars have been canceled than have been made.

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