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Outlast 2’s gaping holes, addressed

SEO Play is back

For the last four months there has been a gaping hole in your life: My show, SEO Play, has been on hiatus!

Speaking of other gaping holes, there is a gaping hole in your character’s groin in Outlast 2, thanks to well-timed swing from a cultist’s pickaxe, and oh God why. In this, the third episode of SEO Play season 2, we discuss what Outlast 2 is, why Outlast 2 is and whether you should play it.

We also address the biggest controversy of Outlast 2: all the terrible, terrible sex that was removed from it. The true story of that terrible sex will be revealed in this video.

This season on SEO Play, we’re doing things a little differently. I’m still taking questions about upcoming video games from Google, yes. But I’m also taking them from Twitter and YouTube and everywhere else I can scrounge them.

So far this season, I’ve addressed the entire world’s questions about Yooka-Laylee and Persona 5. Catch up with the season in this video that is embedded following these very words:

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