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Wii U edges out Nintendo Switch when it comes to this week’s new games

But it’s a light week of releases all around

rayman advance Ubisoft

This week’s eShop update may have former Wii U owners missing their old Nintendo console. There are a grand total of two new games out on Nintendo Switch eShop this week, while the Wii U gets six different titles to choose from.

Headlining the new Nintendo Switch games is Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. The platformer reimagines the Sega Master System classic, marking the franchise’s return to consoles after more than a decade without a new entry. While the gameplay draws from the original Sega game, there’s new, hand-drawn art and music added to the fantasy action game.

Also on Switch is a version of Fatal Fury, SNK’s first fighting game for the NeoGeo. It went on to inspire the hugely popular King of Fighters franchise.

In the Switch’s defense, these two titles are bigger names than the bulk of what’s on Wii U this week. But for Rayman fans, today is definitely a good one for hooking the system back up. Both Rayman 3 and Rayman Advance are now on Wii U Virtual Console.

This is the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, a platformer which came to consoles and handhelds back in 2003. It remained the final mainline Rayman game in the series until Rayman Origins launched eight years later.

Meanwhile, Rayman Advance is the Game Boy Advance port of the original Rayman game. It actually came bundled with Rayman 3’s GBA version, although now Wii U owners will have to buy them separately.

The other four titles now on Wii U are all indies, including Booty Diver, MOP: Operation Cleanup and Zombeer. The Wii U beats out the Switch based on the sheer number of new downloads alone. But for fans of platformers, this week is a big win all around — and besides, quantity does not always mean quality.

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