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Breath of the Wild gets the crossover we never knew we wanted

Here’s a version of Link we never saw coming

Namco via Famitsu

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of different outfits for Link to try on. But in the arcade version of Taiko Drum Master, Breath of the Wild’s version of the Hylian hero becomes a costume himself.

Taiko no Tatsujin is updating at Japanese arcades next week to include something for Breath of the Wild fans. A medley of music from the new Zelda game will be added to the arcade game, according to Famitsu, and anyone with the publisher’s special passport card will be treated to a special Link outfit for their anthropomorphic taiko drum character.

Namco via Famitsu

It’s probably the cutest that Link has ever looked, to be honest. Link’s hair on that red-faced drum somehow makes a lot of sense — but more than that, we’re always down for more opportunities to listen to Breath of the Wild’s fantastic soundtrack.

It’s a shame that the Taiko Drum Master games haven’t made it overseas in years, because there are actually a lot of Nintendo crossovers available in the arcade game. A Kirby collaboration is also incoming, with a Meta Knight costume offered to players alongside a medley of Kirby songs inspired by his biggest frenemy.

The Meta Knight costume is not quite as cute as the Link one.
Namco via Famitsu

Previous Nintendo games that have made it into the rhythm series, which use a special taiko drum peripheral, include a big Splatoon crossover. Check out how cute this Inkling Girl costume is in the gameplay below.

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