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New Persona domain names have fans hoping for Persona 5 spinoffs

Persona 5 Arena? Hey, we’re down

persona 5 Atlus

Atlus registered several new domain names earlier this week, leading Persona fans to speculate wildly about the future of the franchise. In short, these new URLs sound like they belong to more Persona spinoffs, this time based on the recent Persona 5.

A Japanese marketing firm called ryusoffice Corp took out several local domain names on Atlus’ behalf, including,, and, as spotted by Persona Central translator and Twitter user The Mystic Distance. These are joined by other domains, like the more explicit, as well as websites for Persona games numbered eight through 10.

What any of these could be tied is up for debate. There’s compelling evidence to believe that some of these are Persona 5 spinoffs, as many series fans argue on social media. The Ultimax version of Persona 4 Arena, a PlayStation 3 fighting game based on Persona 4, is shortened to P4U in Japan. Its director, Kazuhisa Wada, also expressed his interest in making an Arena game based on the Persona 5 cast during an event last year.

PlayStation Vita rhythm game Persona 4: Dancing All Night is referred to by Atlus as P4D in Japan, and that there’s a broader Persona Dance domain too suggests Atlus is willing to further invest in the genre.

But P5AG and P5R have left fans stumped. Could that “R” be for ... “racing?”

What P5AG could be is anyone’s guess. Some fans think it’s After Golden, a la Persona 4 Golden on PlayStation Vita. Others have more original ideas.

We’ve contacted Atlus about the domain names and what they may pertain too. Meanwhile, we’ll keep enjoying Persona 5 in its current state. The role-playing game’s only been out stateside for a few weeks, so we’re not quite ready to think about its spinoff possibilities — but we’re open to ideas.

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