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GTA Online goes old school with top-down Tiny Racers mode

Death-defying stunts ... from above

Grand Theft Auto 5’s online component is getting a new racing mode next week, although the look of it is anything but new.

Tiny Racers, which will be released April 25 in Grand Theft Auto Online, is a stunt racing mode played from a top-down perspective — just like the first two Grand Theft Auto games on the original PlayStation.

Racers compete to pick up power-ups, like a parachute, machine gun and rocket, that they can deploy against their opponents. Of course, drivers can simply ram others off the track. From this camera angle, it all looks a bit like Hot Wheels.

Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Rockstar Games also said that it’s offering some bonuses today in honor of the 4/20 “holiday”: a 50 percent discount on weed farm businesses and upgrades to them, a 50 percent bonus on weed sales at businesses you own, and a 50 percent discount on green tire smoke at LS Customs.

For more on Tiny Racers, check out the announcement trailer above.

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