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This sounds like one hell of a Steam sale


What’s on sale? No, What’s on second!

It occurs to me that naming your game Everything is the equivalent of a college band calling itself “Free Beer.”

This of course doesn’t mean everything, it means Everything, David O’Reilly’s simulation of, well, everything. Read our review, it’s very hard to explain in one sentence. The game is now available on Steam, where Everything now costs $11.99.

Yet in a cruel twist, buying Everything doesn’t get you everything in Everything. The original soundtrack is $5.59 sold separately, $15.82 bundled.

The good news is, it doesn’t take long to download Everything. It’s only 2 GB.

I’m imagining the chats today with Steam customer support.

Rep: How may I help you?

Customer: I made a purchase and didn’t receive what I bought.

Rep: What did you buy?

Customer: Everything.

Rep: So what’s the problem?

Customer: What’s the problem? I’m playing as a goddamn seagull or something! Where’s my key for Ghost Recon: Wildlands?!

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