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Bid to bring Red Dead Redemption into GTA ends with C&D

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Adios, ‘Red Dead Redemption V’

.White via GTAForums

In hindsight, it probably was not a good idea to put out this poster:

This poster, for a project undertaken by the modding group .White, and the trailer it advertises, likely caught the attention of someone with Take-Two Interactive, who likely sent the customary cease-and-desist letter that ends these things. Now the trailer has been taken down and development terminated after two years of work.

A mod team of nine, .White announced last month on GTA Forums that it was bringing Red Dead Redemption V to Grand Theft Auto 5, with a beta for the mod expected this summer. The announcement had particular resonance as there is no PC port of Red Dead Redemption, which launched in 2010. A sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, is coming later this year — and no PC version is planned for it either.

Red Dead Redemption V was going to take the map from the Xbox 360 version of that game and port it into the Grand Theft Auto 5. .White also said "of all the other Rage (engine) games released before GTA5, RDR is the toughest one to crack, so please be patient." Such statements probably didn't help their cause very much in the eyes of Red Dead Redemption's rights holders, who are currently occupied with finishing, marketing and selling what should be one of 2017's biggest games.

.White via Imgur

In a comment announcing the end of development on Red Dead Redemption V, .White member Mr. Leisurewear said the team had been contacted (without specifying by whom), and in light of that, they were quitting the project.

Mr. Leisureware told a forum commenter that it "was never going to be a 'PC port' it was just gonna be the map.” However, in the FAQ announcing the project on March 17, .White said it aimed "to get as close to the original as possible," and that "additional content" also was planned. They also were looking for "scripters who are able to remake any of the game's original content over to GTA5, think minigames and certain mechanics such as Dead Eye Targeting."

It's the latest tale of what happens when fans take a multimillion-dollar video game property and go joyriding in it. Over the past 12 months, fan-made works based on Doom, Pokémon, Metroid 2 and the original Star Wars Battlefront have all had their plans either ended or dramatically altered after coming to the attention of their respective properties’ rights holders or their licensees.

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