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NES Classic back on sale at Best Buy

Form an orderly line, please

NES Classic box Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The NES Classic Edition is back on sale at Best Buy on Monday, April 24, and with the underproduced, overhyped little console discontinued five months after its launch, this probably is the last opportunity to acquire one from the big box.

Best Buy announced the sale via Twitter on Sunday, and the sale is in-store only, not online. Best Buy told The Verge that sales will be first-come, first-served. Quantities are unknown, other than they're "limited." Some stores may use a ticketing process to ensure an orderly lineup, too.

NES Classic accessories are also on sale as, obviously, with no more NES Classic, it makes sense to get rid of that inventory.

Of course there are rumors that the reason Nintendo is kicking such a hot item to the curb is because it has something else coming down the pipe to demand consumers' attention and affection (while reciprocating as little as possible). Of course, there could be some other reason the Classic flamed out so fast. We probably won't know until someone gets the chance to interrogate Reggie about it at E3.

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