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Final Fantasy 15’s getting a very, very silly weapon

No offense to Afrojack, but ... why

A big free content update for Final Fantasy 15 is out later this week, and it rekindles the game’s long-standing obsession with the Dutch DJ Afrojack. Alongside some new timed quests and framerate improvements, Final Fantasy 15 is getting a special weapon inspired by Afrojack’s music.

Called the “Afrosword,” as the DJ himself excitedly reveals during the thirty-second video above, it’s easily the most garish weapon the game has to offer. But for fans of electronic music, it may very well be worthwhile: The Afrosword’s main ability is playing Afrojack’s music during battle.

We imagine that’s why the weapon looks like an oblong DJ kit. We never pegged Prince Noctis as much of an EDM-loving type — we assumed he’d be more into, like, Nine Inch Nails and that sort of thing — but apparently he’s been big into the club scene all along. Players likely won’t have to steal this bizarre-looking sword from a club for Noctis, though; Afrojack mentions in the video that it will be a reward for completing one of the new timed quests.

Square Enix first made its love for Afrojack known during E3 2016, when a Final Fantasy 15 trailer debuted at the show with some original music from Afrojack. That song, “Braver,” can be heard in-game while driving around; you can also listen to it below.

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