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Animal Crossing speedrunner completes entire game in less than one day

That’s a huge new world record

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Animal Crossing is one of those games that can be a total, hundred-plus hour time sink. That’s what makes this record-setting speedrun so impressive: It took one streamer just under a full day of playing to reach 100 percent completion.

Completing Animal Crossing is defined by collecting every item; finding all fish, fossils, bugs and gyroids; upgrading your entire house and Tom Nook’s store; donating every possible item to the museum; collecting all villager statues; and building the town’s extra bridge. For Twitch streamer Coldeggman, doing all of this took a breezy 22 hours, 49 minutes.

The original Animal Crossing on GameCube lets players input special passwords to help unlock many of these items and make some extra cash, which is a big part of how Coldeggman was able to complete the game so quickly. We can chalk up this speedrun to how fast the streamer was able to type those codes in — making this not necessarily the most riveting watch, but a huge achievement nonetheless.

Watch the first — and shortest — part below, and then head to Coldeggman’s Twitch channel for the rest.

The first person to speedrun Animal Crossing to completion, a streamer known as 0xA101, did so in 70 hours back in 2015. Players have gotten better and better over the years, with each subsequent record-holding run cutting at least 10 hours from the last one.

A less time-consuming version of this speedrun is far more common. The “pay off all debts” run is a popular choice with the Animal Crossing community, even making an appearance at the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event. That can take as little as 40 minutes to complete.

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