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Bayonetta ‘English lessons’ set off sequel hopes

These clips loop three times in a row ... suspicious

Gallery Photo: PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has given Bayonetta another job: English teacher. But a blog post in which the well-coiffed action game star leads some lessons in English-language conversation has caused a stir with fans who are hoping for Bayonetta 3.

As part of the blog post, PlatinumGames uploaded a handful of short clips from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 to its YouTube channel. These seemed suspicious out of context. To channel subscribers who can’t read Japanese or don’t look at the developer’s website on a regular basis, the sudden onslaught of videos seemed like a sign ... especially since each of the clips includes Bayonetta speaking the (English-language) lines three times.

Random Bayonetta videos that loop three times in a row? Must be an elaborate teaser for Bayonetta 3, fans said on forums and social media.

Coupled with today’s update to the PC version of Bayonetta, which included a tiny reference to cult favorite PlatinumGames title Vanquish, many were convinced that PlatinumGames was gearing up for some big reveals.

This is all wishful thinking, as there’s no concrete reason to believe that these clips serve any purpose beyond PlatinumGames’ (admittedly random) Bayonetta-led English lesson. But this is an odd development nonetheless. E3 is just two months away, so perhaps we’ll hear something more from PlatinumGames about this by then.

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