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Go spelunking with rainbow lights in the mysterious Scanner Sombre

Creepy adventure game arrives this week

The next project from Introversion Software, the London-based studio behind games such as Prison Architect and Darwinia, puts you in a network of subterranean caves with just one tool to navigate the pitch-black darkness: a scanner that can temporarily light up the environment.

Scanner Sombre is the title of the game, which Introversion will spring on everyone this Wednesday, April 26. The title refers to a literal device in your hands, a lidar scanner. The device works by sending out pulses of laser light that get bounced back toward the user — it measures the reflected light to determine the distance between the scanner and the reflecting surfaces, which allows it to map out the environment.

The lidar scanner in Scanner Sombre illuminates your surroundings with “millions of individual light-points” and uses them to create a visible representation of the environment, Introversion said in a news release. Your goal in this first-person game is to escape the caves and return to the surface — “but not all is as it seems, and you might not be alone.”

“It’s probably going to make you feel a bit uncomfortable,” said Introversion managing director Mark Morris, adding that Scanner Sombre can be completed in a “single play session.”

The surprise release will bring Scanner Sombre to Windows PC via Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for $11.99, with a 20 percent launch-week discount that drops the price to $9.59. For more, check out the trailer above.

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