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Watch us play a video game inside of another video game

Plus we discover the least useful superpower ever

We love video games, but sometimes one game just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to play a video game inside of your video game. And sometimes that video game needs to be Space Harrier.

For these occasions, no one handles things better than Yakuza 0. In the latest episode of our series devoted to exploring this weird game, we finally gain access to the Sega Arcade, a location we’ve been trying to get into since we started. Once inside, we get to check out Space Harrier and even play a UFO Catcher ... successfully!

That’s not all, though. This episode of Yakuza 0 to 60 also includes a steamy shower scene and the introduction of Mr. Shakedown, a very intimidating new foe who takes our money as he beats us up.

For more of Yakuza 0 to 60, you can check out our full playlist on YouTube, or start from episode one with the video below.

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