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Super Bomberman R on Switch drops resolution, adds frame rate in newest patch

It’s a good trade

The Bomberman series tends to target 60 fps, which is why so many fans were let down with Super Bomberman R’s 30 fps cap on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s latest patch brings the release up to version 1.3 however, and increases the frame rate to the desired 60 fps. But how did the developer pull this off?

By losing some resolution, both in the docked and portable modes.

“By default, Bomberman R's launch code operated at a full 1080p at 30fps in docked mode while dropping to 720p at 30fps when in portable mode,” Eurogamer reported. “We updated our copy to version 1.3, jumped into a battle and quickly discovered that the game has indeed been updated to run at 60 frames per second. Between the more responsive controls and faster frame rate, it simply feels better to play.”

The game is able to deliver that performance by dropping the resolution from 1080p in docked mode to 720p. “The compromises continue in portable mode, where the older code's native 720p dips down to 960x540 instead,” Eurogamer states. “The loss in clarity is certainly evident but again, the extra fluidity pays dividends here.”

You can check out the difference in the video at the top of this post.

The game’s story mode still runs at 1080p when docked, but the frame rate cap has been removed so play now hovers at around 45 fps. There is no toggle, but the enhanced performance seems to be worth the drop in resolution. The latest patch adds some interesting stuff, so catch up on everything new that has come to the game.

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